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Custom Oreos

Are Custom Oreos Vegan?

by Geraldine Keogh 04 Feb 2024

Hey cookie lovers! Imagine this: you're chilling with your truly special custom Oreos, and a thought hits – are these cookies vegan-friendly? Let's go on a tasty journey together as we break down the details. These famous cookies have been delighting taste buds forever, but do they fit the vegan vibe?

We're checking out details and figuring out if our custom Oreos can be your go-to vegan treat or if you can gift this as an exclusive gift to your vegan friends. So, grab a comfy spot, and let's find out if our favorite cookies are not just yummy but also totally vegan-friendly! It's time to explore the delicious secrets that make our custom Oreos more than just a snack.


What Are Custom Oreos?

Custom Oreos are a creative spin on the classic Oreo cookies, personalized to fit specific themes, occasions, or individual preferences. These can range from custom-printed designs on the icing to unique flavor combinations tailored to the customer's liking. Companies, brands, and even individuals can order these customized cookies for events, promotional activities, weddings, parties, or as unique gifts. The customization might involve:

Custom Icing Colors and Flavors: Changing the color of the cream filling or its flavor to match a theme or preference.

Printed Images or Messages: Using edible ink to print photos, logos, messages, or designs directly onto the cookie's surface or the cream filling.

Packaging: Customizing the packaging of the Oreo cookies to suit the occasion, with personalized messages, colors, or logos.


Are Custom Oreos Vegan?

Custom Oreos, like the original Oreo cookies, may not be strictly vegan depending on the customization involved. The original Oreo cookie itself is often considered "accidentally vegan" in some regions, as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients directly. However, the company notes that Oreos are made in facilities that handle milk, which introduces the possibility of cross-contamination, and they do not claim the cookies to be vegan.

When it comes to custom Oreos, the vegan status can further vary based on the additional ingredients used for customization. For example:

Custom Icing Colors and Flavors: Some custom colors or flavors might use ingredients that are not vegan, such as food dyes made from insects or flavorings derived from animal sources.

Printed Images or Messages: The edible ink used for printing on custom Oreos is generally vegan, as it's mostly made from plant-derived substances. However, it's essential to verify the ingredients with the manufacturer or the company providing the customization.

Packaging: The packaging has no impact on the food's vegan status but is an essential aspect of customization for those concerned about environmental impact.

If you're seeking custom Oreos that are strictly vegan, it's crucial to communicate this requirement clearly when placing an order. Specify that all aspects of the customization, including colors, flavors, and any other additions, must use vegan-friendly ingredients. Additionally, inquire about the risk of cross-contamination with non-vegan ingredients if that is a concern for you. Some companies specialize in vegan confections and may be better suited to accommodate such requests.


The Importance of Ingredient Transparency

When seeking vegan custom Oreos, ingredient transparency is crucial. Consumers should inquire about the specific ingredients used in customizations and request information on potential cross-contamination risks. Reputable providers should be willing to disclose this information, allowing consumers to make informed decisions based on their dietary preferences and ethical considerations.

How to Order Our Custom Oreos?

To indulge in the delectable world of custom Oreos crafted by Beins Chocolates, ordering is a straightforward and delightful experience. To secure your personalized batch of these tempting treats, visit our custom Oreos page and place an order according to your requirements.

Our dedicated team at Biens is committed to ensuring that each order is a unique reflection of your taste and style. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to reach out to our customer service team via phone call at (212) 889-5760, where our friendly staff will guide you through the ordering process with expertise and enthusiasm. Elevate your sweet moments with the best custom Oreos!


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