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From Concept to Chocolate: Crafting Your Corporate Story

Transform every corporate gesture into a memorable experience with gifts tailored for teams, VIPs, new hires, or your most engaged BRG groups. Our offerings?

- Tailor-made wonders with custom packaging that mirrors your brand's nesse
- swift delights ready to dispatch within 24 hours
- and event-ready branded favors that ensure your name is on everyone’s lips.

Biens Chocolate Centerpiece is your go-to for effortless elevating corporate gifting with a dash of elegance and a sprinkle of innovation.

Corporate Clients


Corporate Clients

Self Service up to 100 Recipients:

Simplied Group Gifting:
Our user-friendly platform allows for eortless group gift sending. Simply customize your gift messages and set your preferred delivery dates. You'll be updated with tracking details for every gift. It's simplicity itself!

  • Order Right Away: Don't delay, secure your gifts today.
  • Bulk Address Entry: Upload up to 100 recipient addresses in one go.
  • Custom Messages: Add a personal touch with tailored gift messages.
  • Advance Scheduling: Plan your deliveries up to two months ahead.
Bulk Ordering made Easy


Experience bespoke gifting with our expert concierge service, designed to make every corporate gift special, regardless of order size. Dive into our product catalog to select from our acclaimed Biens, custom chocolate covered Oreos, freshly dipped chocolate covered pretzels and graham crackers cake or meticulously assembled bundles. No matter the size of your order, we're here to assist.

  • No Minimums: Every order is important, large or small, and receives our full, personalized attention.
  • Custom Messages: Craft a message that adds a personal touch, making each gift distinctively yours.
  • Branded Touches: From stickers to edible logos or tailor-made gift boxes, the customization possibilities are boundless, available for every order.
  • Swift Fulllment: In a rush? Our team is equipped to handle quick turnarounds, ensuring timely delivery.
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Gifting Occasions for Employees and Clients

For holiday celebrations, achievement acknowledgments, and spontaneous acts of a ppreciation, there’s always a reason to commend your exceptional team. Elevate these moments with their choice confections. Here are the

  • Team building retreats
  • Party favors
  • Employee birthdays
  • Offsites
  • Lunch & learns
  • Intern onboarding
  • All hands meetings
  • New Hires
  • BRG events
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  • Holiday gifts
  • DEI events
  • Office events
  • Just because
  • New employee welcome party
  • Work anniversaries
  • Hitting quarterly goals
  • And more!
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Brands we’ve worked with

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Meet And TREAT

Introducing 'Meet and Treat' - the ultimate solution to elevate your oce meetings and celebrations with ease and style. Picture this: gourmet, freshly made desserts and candies, beautifully assorted on an eco-friendly, ready-to-serve tray, all available at your corporate cafeteria. No more internet searches or waiting for catering deliveries. Whether you're a team leader or a team member, you can now instantly delight your colleagues with these indulgent, conveniently packaged treats. With 'Meet and Treat', you're not just bringing a tray of treats; you're bringing joy, connection, and a touch of luxury to your team's day."

Discover Meat & treat
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We're always making new treats. Stay in the loop on the latest launches, updates, and promotions created especially for large orders and corporate gifting.

Gourmet Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is an art that speaks volumes about your organization's values and vision. With Biens Chocolate Centerpiece, transform this opportunity into an unforgettable experience of taste and innovation. Our gourmet corporate gifts are designed to impress, oering a range of customizable, patented chocolate delights— from bespoke Biens to chocolate-covered Oreos, and freshly dipped pretzels and graham crackers. Each gift is a testament to sophistication, ready to cater to all taste preferences.

Selecting the perfect corporate gift is seamless with our concierge service. Choose from our diverse menu, personalize your order with custom branding, and let our team handle the rest, ensuring your gifts convey your unique message. Our commitment extends beyond taste to embrace WBENC diversity principles and sustainability, featuring biodegradable packaging and eco-friendly options for every occasion.

Biens Chocolate Centerpiece stands at the intersection of innovation and elegance. Whether it’s welcoming new employees, celebrating milestones, or just because, our gifts are more than desserts—they're a celebration of your brand's commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability.