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Meet Our CEO

Geraldine Keogh- a native of Dublin, Ireland and now based in Central New Jersey- started Biens Chocolate Centerpieces with her daughter, Lindsay Smith just over a year ago.

After developing an almost cult following for our Signature Chocolate Cake Truffles- Biens- Geraldine and Lindsay wanted to take it up a notch by combining their love for Beautiful Dessert Displays and Delicious Chocolate Gifts!

After successfully graduating from The Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program, as well as the Rutgers EPI program this past year- Geraldine took our adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece to new heights and developed a line of Custom Bien Towers for each Occasion! Furthermore, with the help of her daughter, the line quickly expanded to over 30 Adorable Characters for every Holiday, Birthday, and Special Occasion imaginable.

Geraldine's insatiable passion for innovation and quality desserts has transformed the limitless trajectory of our delicious Chocolate Centerpieces.

Geraldine Keogh and Lindsay Smith, founders of Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, are a mother-daughter duo who share an innovative prowess for avant-garde chocolate displays that redefine the traditional edible gifting market. Inspired to delight outside of the “chocolate box” mold, they invented and secured several patents for their state-of-the-art range of Biens Chocolate Centerpieces- a shippable chocolate gifting experience. Their signature product, a chocolate truffle with cake-like texture, is presented in a show-stopping packaging designed for life’s milestones and holidays. Their clientele quickly grew to high end VIP events for the Super Bowl, Mercedes, Goldman Sachs, Forbes, VH1, Broadway, and more. 


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