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Case Studies

Case Study: Aramark & Goldman Sachs

by Geraldine Keogh 13 Feb 2024
Case Study: Aramark & Goldman Sachs

Embarking on a sweet collaboration, Biens Chocolate Centerpieces has woven a narrative of delightful indulgence and enduring relationships at the heart of Goldman Sachs' headquarters in NYC. This journey began when Geraldine Keogh, the visionary founder of Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. This initiative led to a blossoming partnership, positioning Biens as a beloved and consistent pop-up vendor, celebrated for its innovative and exquisitely crafted chocolate creations.

Pop-Up Excellence at Goldman Sachs:

Our venture took flight with a pop-up opportunity at Goldman Sachs that exceeded all expectations. This triumph set the stage for a series of return engagements, establishing Biens Chocolate Centerpieces as a hallmark of quality and joy within Goldman Sachs. Our presence became a beacon of culinary creativity, eagerly anticipated by the staff for the delightful surprises we brought to each visit.

Evolution of Treats with Each Theme:

A hallmark of our collaboration has been our unwavering commitment to creativity. With each themed event, Biens introduced stunning, theme-aligned chocolate masterpieces, ensuring that the Goldman Sachs team enjoyed a unique and delightful experience every time. This practice not only kept the offerings exciting but also demonstrated our adaptability and dedication to crafting bespoke chocolate experiences that resonate with the occasion.

Boosting Company Morale and Team Connections:

The impact of our chocolate centerpieces on company morale and team dynamics has been profound. Goldman Sachs staff, enchanted by our treats, frequently shared them in team meetings, igniting moments of joy and fellowship. This shared indulgence fostered a sense of community and collaboration, contributing significantly to a positive and cohesive corporate culture.

Sustaining Relationships through Continuous Innovation:

The enduring success of our partnership with Goldman Sachs and Aramark is a testament to our collective commitment to innovation and excellence. This ongoing relationship has inspired all parties to continuously seek out fresh ideas and approaches to enrich our collaboration further, aiming to surprise and delight the Goldman Sachs community with each new creation.

Looking Forward to Future Collaborations:

The collaboration stands as a testament to the positive impact of combining culinary excellence with a commitment to fostering meaningful relationships. Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, Goldman Sachs, and Aramark are enthusiastic about the future, looking forward to continuing the relationship and exploring innovative ways to work together, bringing joy and delectable treats to the Goldman Sachs community.


The collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Aramark resulted in custom theme pop-up shops as a cherished tradition, symbolizing the joy and delight that Biens Chocolate Centerpieces brings to the Goldman Sachs staff. The strong long-term relationship reflects the shared values and commitment to excellence that define this collaboration.

In conclusion, the partnership exemplifies Biens Chocolate Centerpieces' dedication to transforming chocolate into a medium for fostering joy, building connections, and creating a lasting impression in corporate environments.

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