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Case Studies

Festive Favors For Parker Life's Company Wide Celebrations

by Geraldine Keogh 13 Feb 2024
Festive Favors For Parker Life's Company Wide Celebrations

Biens Chocolate Centerpieces had the pleasure of collaborating with Parker Life, a senior living community, in creating delightful holiday party favors for their company-wide holiday party celebration. The partnership began in 2022 with a referral from another senior living home, highlighting the reputation of our bakery in delivering exceptional and individually wrapped treats. Parker Life was seeking delivery of exquisite favors and gifts to multiple company locations on the same date to ensure a company-wide celebration that brought teams from all over together. 

Tailored Favors for Holiday Celebrations:

2022 -  Individually Wrapped Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Parker Life envisioned festive and delicious treats for their December 2022 holiday party. Biens Chocolate Centerpieces crafted individually boxed jumbo chocolate chip cookies, ensuring a delightful experience for each recipient. The chocolate chip cookies featured a custom "Happy Holidays from Parker Life" sticker on each favor and were absolutely scrumptious! The custom stickers were carefully designed to match the event colors and theme, adding a personal touch to the holiday treats. The collaboration with Parker Life resulted in the successful delivery of 570 individually wrapped jumbo chocolate across six Parker Life locations in December 2022. 

2023 - Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bit Favors:

Parker Life sought a different yet equally delightful treat. Biens Chocolate Centerpieces curated custom, chocolate-covered pretzel bit favors. These bite-sized delights were designed to match the theme and colors of the event and were adorned with custom stickers reflecting the event's unique aesthetics.The stickers were designed with Parker Life’s care partner thank you message and adorned on 535 chocolate covered pretzel bits favors that were successfully delivered to six Parker Life locations on the same day for a united company wide celebration in November 2023. 

Highlight Creations:

Custom Sticker Design:

The custom stickers were a signature element that matched with the event's color palette and theme. The stickers conveyed holiday wishes and reinforced the company's branding, creating a sense of unity and festivity.


The treats became a highlight of the company-wide celebrations, contributing to a joyous and festive atmosphere. The attention to detail in both the choice of treats and the custom sticker designs showcased Biens Chocolate Centerpieces' commitment to creating memorable and personalized experiences.

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