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Case Studies

Case Study: BNY Mellon & Eurest Cafe

by Geraldine Keogh 13 Feb 2024
Case Study: BNY Mellon & Eurest Cafe

In a delightful departure from traditional cake occasions, Biens Chocolate Centerpieces had the pleasure of of partnering with sister company, The Dessert Ladies, in contributing to a heartwarming retirement celebration at BNY Mellon's Eurest Cafe. Tasked with creating a unique and memorable farewell for Roberto, our team crafted a custom-designed sandwich cake for the special occasion.

Adding Flavor to Farewell:
The retirement celebration proved that custom cakes are not reserved solely for weddings and birthdays. With creativity and culinary flair, Biens Chocolate Centerpieces transformed the Deli Cafe at BNY Mellon's headquarters into a setting for a one-of-a-kind farewell. The custom-designed sandwich cake became the centerpiece of a celebration that reflected the individuality and personality of the retiree.

Honoring Roberto's Journey:
The sandwich cake served as a delicious and thematic tribute to Roberto's career and the countless moments shared at the Eurest Cafe. The personalized touch added warmth to the farewell, making it a standout memory in Roberto's journey and a unique example of celebrating milestones in unexpected ways.

Sweet Success for Corporate Celebrations:

The success of Roberto's retirement celebration at Eurest Cafe showcases the versatility of custom cakes in corporate settings. It underlines Biens Chocolate Centerpieces' ability to tailor culinary experiences to suit the specific occasions and individuals, adding a sweet touch to the milestones in the corporate world.

Closing with Sweet Memories:

As Roberto bid farewell to his professional chapter, the custom-designed sandwich cake became a delightful treat and a symbol of appreciation and celebration. The case study highlights the power of personalized desserts in creating lasting memories, even in the corporate landscape.

In conclusion, the collaboration with BNY Mellon's Eurest Cafe exemplifies Biens Chocolate Centerpieces' commitment to infusing sweetness into unexpected moments and turning farewells into sweet memories.

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